Fitness Club

Our Fitness Center  is perfectly equipped with latest body-building facilities which enable you to take appropriate care of your condition, appearance and physical state.

Our center is recommended by Bogdan Szczotka, two-time winner of World Championship in Men Bodybuilding category.


After intense workout you can relax in a complex of dry and steam saunas. While resting in your room, you will be able to admire romantic music. All the interiors of the complex follow Moorish style. 

Steam sauna purges the body, stimulates it, as well as nourishes and moisturizes hair and skin.

Dry sauna purges the skin very well and improves circulation in the epidermis, nourishing it. It helps to combat water cellulite which is created by excessive retention of liquid in the body.


Massage therapist’s offers you classic, sport, therapeutic and slimming treatment. Professional staff, period décor and scent of aroma oils will provide you with a dose of relax, sooth you stress and regain physical and mental state.


Don’t hesitate to visit our solarium. We ensure the highest tanning standard. We have beds to lye and a standing cabin.